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RPG said:
Soriku said:

Haven't played some still, can buy and play on PS2.

The DS is already a powerhouse RPG system. Wii will soon be, especially with the amazing line up this year.

Right I would like to know what JRPG are releasing which will make the Wii a "JRPG powerhouse" this year, many people saying it on this forum and all that I can think of the the FF spin off and a flag ship TO game.

That does not make the console a JRPG powerhouse, DQ X will do it but if that one releases before 2010 I will rip my balls off. Console JRPG are pathetic, it would as easily be argued that FFXIII and Versus will make the PS3 a JRPG powerhouse which simply shows how poor this gen has been for console JRPG.

BTW MH3, sales =/= quality is the definition of the MH franchise.


WTF the MH series is badass!  It's unforgiving as hell and tries to make you take the time to learn each monster and the best way to fight them which you'll end up loving it otherwise you fall by the wayside and hate it.

And there's a decent list of RPGs here http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=2811

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