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coonana said:

do you guys(meaning whoever runs this site) know how little trust you have among people who seem mad their version of a game does not sell?


Personally I dont take your sales as fact but they are great estimates but the problem is you can use them anywhere without being called a "noob."


Really if you want I can post the link. The forum is at IGN in the Wii Lobby thread. Give a shout if you really want to see.


Whoever runs this site should give more assurances, if in fact you are for real, and show evidence like this more often.

All the assurance that is needed is how accurate the numbers all vs the other trackers.

If you know anything about statistical tracking you'd have to know either Brett is either on the up and up or he can tell the future and should just be playing the lottery.

Even proffesional analysts don't get anywhere near as correct.

No other evidence is needed... to people who know about this stuff anyway.