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koffieboon said:
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koffieboon said:
@mehm: For years Sony only provided production shipment numbers. As far as I know there is no way to know exactly how many PS2s have been shipped to retailers since launch.



Production shipment is btw now at 138.15 million whereas Unit sales (normal shipments) are at 136.32 million. The difference between those two methods isn't as big as it were some years ago, because the PS2 isn't produced that much anymore.


Those numbers you mention are not in the article, so where do they come from? Just looking at the annual report from 2008 (the first year they actually changed from production shipments to shipments to retail) I can't seem to find Sony mentioning an LTD for shipments to retail for PS2. So if you do have a source I'm curious about it.




Well, the numbers in the article are unit sales and are till June 08. They were posted here a few months ago btw. Those 136.32 is just from adding the two quarters. The 138.15 production shipment figure is from someone on GAF. Those are legit numbers.