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coonana said:
because im in a huge argument in another website forum because this guy is saying you, VGchartz, literally makes up all your numbers with complete guesswork.

I always took these figures as ballpark estimates but if this is truly guesswork instead of useful information thats really lame.

Like he was saying how do you guys get the sales in obscure areas like Norway. Also he said that NeoGaf banned anyone using this information.

So please give me more info or I could even link the thread because this guy is a tool.

No sales figures are completely correct, each company uses estimations based off of past data and data straight from manufacturers. Even the mighty NPD doesn't get data from Wal Mart or Toys R Us and thus has to estimate the data for those sales.

And VGC does that as well, but VGC just doesn't have as much data incoming as VGC does. However, VGC puts far more weight into financial releases than other tracking companies to validate the numbers.


TO give another example: Media Create and Famitsu provide weekly sales for Japan. They do not have indentical numbers, but both are right. They get data from their respective retailers and extrapolate that to get the sales for all of Japan.