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makingmusic476 said:
reask said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Stealth trolling. Well, at least it's something different. Though I must say I'm disappointed that in this case, the trolling was a bit vague.

Well in all fairness the chances of this game getting bad reviews are very very slim but the question I pose would be no different 24 hours before the Gears 2 review.

All im saying is imaagine it flopped review wise it would have to be a bummer.




Let's consider the fact that'd you never make a thread like this for a game like Gears 2. 

Point taken but gears had to live up to a lot of hype and succeeded as I am sure KZ2 will so i was saying imagine after all this it flopped review wise. It isnt going to happen so it is only a worst case scenario.