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Words Of Wisdom said:
docholliday said:

(1) Your points are valid, if the pirate would purchase the items if they couldnt download them illegally. Which cant be proven/disproven. So that point could go back and forth all day long, because without out some extensive survey to find out the typical behavior of a private its just pure speculation.

(2) And @ bolded, yea I bought all my games. I have a drawer full of receipts to prove it too. Matter of fact, I got 2 racks full of games to prove it too. Will be uploading to profile shortly. I've invested way too much money into gaming to have some1 I dont even know question me about

(1)  That's a false dilemma.  If you go to a theatre and watch a movie without buying a ticket, it doesn't matter whether you would have bought a ticket, you have seen the movie and benefited.  Pirates absolutely love defending themselves with "Well I wouldn't have bought it anyway" but in reality it just doesn't matter.  You aren't a thief because you enjoyed the pirated game, you're a thief because you played the pirated game regardless of whether you enjoyed it or would/would not have bought it.

(2)  I don't believe it for a second.  I don't believe that there exists someone who can say "Here is everything I've ever pirated and here are legal copies of every single item" whether we're talking about games, music, software, or whatever.  It's not necessarily you (maybe you are that rare mystical person who defies my belief), but I don't have enough faith in people as a whole to swallow that line.  Nothing personal.


(1) In neither instance are you a thief.  Neither piracy nor sneaking into theaters are charged criminally as theft because neither is theft.  Theft occurs when one is deprived of their property.

Also, it's not a false dilema. If the person has no money to buy a game or see a movie then there is no way to take money from them.  The vast majority of priates come from third world nations and make 4 digit anual salaries.  Hold them by the ankles and shake 'til you're blue in the face and you still won't get anything from them.  If they have nothing to give and they don't actually deprive anyone else of anything they own,  There is neither gain to be hard or harm to be done in people playing a game they can't otherwise afford by pirating it.  Frankly, if they switched over to buying used copies the only people to benefit are the government and game stores, not the makers.  That is, after all, why companies like NIntendo and Sony took stores to court to try to stop used game sales a decade ago.  No one in the industry gets helped by it, and if the devs had their way they would eliminate gamestop before they took down the pirate's bay.  Guarenteed.

(2) That's like, your opinion man.

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