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Words Of Wisdom said:
docholliday said:
LMAO at the ppl who take such great offense to what the OP does. You would think this guy stole your daughters virginity or some shit, my god. Im not gonna condone piracy, but its his business. If he gets caught then so be it. But there are much bigger and more important fights to be fought in this world than piracy.

I dont pirate myself, but ive damn sure thought about it before. And I know ppl that do, but to each their own. For instance, I got laid off from my job of over 2 years and knew money was gonna be very tight until I found work again. I had a buddy that was gonna mod my 360 so I could play burnt games. Now its obvious I wasnt gonna to buy the games without any income, so was I really taking money away from anyone?? Luckily I found work and have purchased all my games legally though.

Let's say you pirate 20 games on their 360.  At full retail price, that's 20 times $60 or $1200 (plus tax) of merchandise you have illegally obtained.  Who is hurt by this?

1)  The government.  Sales tax equates to government funding so the less you buy the less money the government receives.
2)  The retailer.  Retailers do not have unlimited space and it's generally a battle to see what product lines get XYZ space.  Anyone who has ever watched an electronics department downsize (fewer shelves/display cases) should understand that if products are not selling, they will carry less.
3)  The publisher.  The fewer sales they see, the less risk they're willing to take on new IPs.  When a publisher is doing well, there's plenty of money to go around and are likely much more willing to put forth venture capital and sponsor new IPs.  When a publisher is not doing well... we have that situation today so you might as well look around.
4)  The developer.  Companies are closing doors during this time because of lack of profit.  Games are getting cut from upcoming lists because of lack of funding.  If they can't profit off the games they're making, we won't see them make as many games and franchises may be discontinued.

and finally...

5)  The gamer.  We see fewer games in stores, fewer new IPs coming, fewer games coming entirely, and companies that some of us will miss closing their doors.

And no, piracy is not 100% to blame for anything above.  However, that $1200 (plus tax) you didn't put into the video game market by pirating 20 games on your 360 is contributing to it.

@bolded : I don't believe that for a second.

(PS:  My list misses a lot of others like general stakeholders of companies but you get the idea.)


One, pretty much everything you said is opinion or a lie.  If an individual has no money to make a purchase, there is nothing to tax for the government, no revenues for the retailer, no profits for the dev etc.  You can't squeeze blood from a stone, after all, and you'd have to be a very big moron to think that you could.

Two, where do YOU get off calling others liars?  Not a single thing you said is factually accurate.  Again, none of those people could have gotten anything from him if he didn't have it to give.

You do not have the right to never be offended.