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dougsdad0629 said:
My point is that Nintendo supposedly went Standard Definition because they figured that not everybody has a HDTV. They should have applied the same logic here and realized that not everybody has or wants wi-fi.

They did apply the same logic, provided you actually think about the issue and not just use it to try to justify your own perspective:

Nintendo's Cost Price to add Wireless Price to add Wired
Include Wireless

Internal Chip
(small form factor)

$0 $10-$20
Include Wired External Port
(larger form factor)
$50-$100 $0

Price for SDTV
users to access

Price for HDTV
users to access
Use SDTV Signal

Cheaper Parts
Smaller Form Factor
Less Heat

$0 $0
Use HDTV Signal Expensive Parts
Larger Form Factor
More Heat
$300-$1000 $0

So you tell me which ones use the same logic.

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