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I understand dougsdad. Then again I have met way to many common people that don't even know what a ethernet it. The common person is just very unknowledgable about computers in general. So rather than confuse people with an ethernet or expect people to run 30ft of cord to a console they removed those problems with the WiFi.

The thing is that Ethernet is like SD while WiFi is like HD. You don't seem to like the Wii as SD(as mentioned elsewhere). Seems silly that someone who prefers upstream didn't get a WiFi router till last xmas. I have an SD TV, but have had a WiFi router for 4 years.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.