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shams said:
You do realise that the majority of HDTV's do NOT do 1080p... right? I have had what would be "classed" as a HDTV for about 4 years now. It does a lovely 480p/576p and a 1080i ;) No 720 modes, and definitely no 1080p. So I'm not sure what your stats prove - if anything. My Wii looks great on my TV (perfect size), and I can say that a 360 looks better (but not that much better). I'll be interested to know how many people on this board have a "FULL HD" capable set (although many of us are no doubt geeks, and not very representative of the population!). ... One thing - since I have a very capable TV, Im in NO rush to upgrade to anything else. And that means no (point to having a) BluRay or PS3 for me. My DVD player upsamples to 1080i happily, which is cool. I can also confirm that "Full HD" sets are still pretty rare here in Australia (head into any major electronics store, and only a couple of sets will be that - versus the common 720p solutions - in both Plasma & LCD).

 lots of bs right there.

 my tv is not 1080p yet Br totally wrecks dvd in picture quality.

 your 1080i plenty enouth.