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LifeTaker21 said:
i don't like x-play at all .they are xbox lovers and see how they hate on nintendo has got worse on the show .people in NA dislike ps3 they hate nintendo . people like ps3 , it the wii they don't like . everyday i see hate about wii and x-play are worse to do it . i think thats mess up .


 They gave No More Heroes a 5 so they're cool with me for now.


True. But that was before they took a turn toward the "fanish" -- which is a shame. The sad thing is that Sessler ought to know better -- he has been around forever. But then again, he may have survived by adapting (He is the last person who worked for Tech TV still standing).

Speaking of NMH, they have made comments wondering if such a game should have come out on the Wii and when the sequel was announced added to specultation that was it was not for the Wii.

Back to the OP -- I started losing interest when the format changed. I loved the old reviews and skits. But trying to be a semi real time news show just wasn't for me. I used to tape (yes, I still use my VCR) and scan for reviews and anything intersesting. But it became less and less to the point that I decided to give it up (watching Xplay) as my New Year's Resolution

Being a Wii owner, I can speak to the shift. The first year the Wii was out, it swept the hosts' awards. Now, it draws their ire. Admittedly, not every game is great. But still, it was neither as good as they made it out to be in late 2006 nor as bad as they make it out to be now. And they were incredulous when MKWii won best racer last year in Gphoria -- even though they lauded the DS game perviously and the Wii builds upon that effort.


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PS -- One last piece of bias. Late last year, they talked about how the Wii needed more Balance Board games -- right after reviewing the Xbox360/PS3 version of Shaun White. They never mentioned the Wii version of that game -- which has generally garnered higher reviews.


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