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MrBubbles said:
Kasz216 said:


They could of kept up and just kept bombing and then they wouldn't of lost anybody.  But hey they wanted to lower the innocent casualties caused by Hamas using human shields... still at really high rates since well.  It's nearly impossible to run a "clean" war when the other side is willing to use it's people as human shields and fire from the same places people are taking shelter.



i was just watching the bbc and they were talking about israel managed to knock out just the bedroom of some terrorists house with a missile to avoid casualties...but the guy had his 3 children sleeping with him.

lol, and you've never slept in your parents bed or had your kids sleeping your bed...? c'mon. That's stupid. They shouldn't be hitting someone's home with a missile in the first place. They want to assasinate that person, raid the house with paratroopers and kill him. Granted, with the IDF it wouldn't matter, they would shoot everyone one anyways. Wouldn't matter if it was a 2ry old.