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Pyramid Head said:
psrock said:
Pyramid Head said:
Barozi said:
Rofl 50 Cent Blood on the Sand better score than Killzone 2 - good joke !


It'll probobly have better music :P

seriously tho, the maxim crowd etc are the guys who made halo and cod so big, i know so many 'cool' non gamer types who have systems just for those games.

if they arent down, killzone 2 won't be huge.


There is a Maxim crowd, where?

I dont mean maxim crowd, i just mean theres a ton of guys who play shooters and think all other kinds of games are dumb, and they don't read game mags, but might read that.

Its not all gamers thats the reason cod is so huge.  Where i work we hire young people all the time, a lot of em dont like games, but then go on about cod.

Game geeks are all over whatever comes out.  Other people aren't but they are just as essential to make a mega hit.  Im not sayin this review means anything, but it may mean more than people assume.




You make a very valid point. Maxim's crowd is the type of person who likely plays the odd high-profile FPS. I would've expected the likes of Maxim to automatically give Killzone 2 a perfect score.

That said, I have doubts as to whether their readership would be large enough to seriously - or even noticable - effect its sales performance.

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