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Strategyking92 said:
So, you are saying fable 2, gears of war, and bioshock (especially) didn't deserve to win GOTY awards? I think your problem is that you just don't like seeing the xbox praised. And the fact that most hardcore games are m-rated has to do with realism and the fact that there aren't alot of e-t rated games coming out anymore. Realism. If every ps2 game had it, people would be making excuses that it wasn't hardcore cause all the kids only play the m rated games on the system.
And about the nintendo hate: it's pure bullshit. I bet everyone has forgotten about the wii's launch. X-play highly praised the system, gave zelda a 5 out of 5 and so on. If you notice a change in their tune, maybe it's not bias, but disappointment. Maybe they have a freaking reason to be disappointed.

I don't think x-play is bias, or anything. I just think they've gotten boring, and too artificial.

That's what bugs me, the statements people bandy about like fact because of the games THEY like completely oblivious to the real facts.  Strategyking 92 said "And the fact that most hardcore games are m-rated has to do with realism and the fact that there aren't a lot of e-t rated games coming out anymore." That is just not true.

According to the Entertainment Software Association in their annual report for 2008 (games sold July 2007 to July 2008):

Sales by rating were E -45%,  E+10-12%,  T-28%, M-15%

85% of all games sold were NOT M, so I'd say a lot of E-T rated games are coming out but they just aren't noticed by the hardcore minority who think they control all gaming and do in fact control the gaming press. They just don't control that much of the actual sales

Just to make it clear who the ESA is, it is made up of the following game developers who commission and pay for the study. ESA members Atari, Inc. Capcom, Codemasters , Disney Interactive Studios, Eidos, Epic Games, Her Interactive, Inc. Konami , Microsoft Corporation, Midway ,MTV Games ,Namco Bandai,NC Interactive ,Nintendo ,SEGA , Sony Computer Entertainment, Square Enix, Take-Two,THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Bros.

And by the by, fortunately wholesale slaughter with grotesque super weapons hardly constitutes realism, at least for most of the world, thank God.