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BoneArk said:

I've been watching X-PLAY when it was called Extended Play back when I was in high school. I decided to stop watching it because it got too fanboyish. X-PLAY used to be about the games for whatever console it comes out for, nowadays the spotlight is on the XBOX 360 and PC games. They focus too much on 360 games and not enough on the other great games on the other consoles. If you watch the show everyday like I did you will notice the love they have for the 360, they always have a Halo 3 or Gears cheats, they give praise to the 360 exclusives for months, and for the past 3 years X-PLAY's game of year has gone to 360 exclusives(06' Gears of War, 07' Bioshock(its now on the PS3), 08' Fable 2). I think X-PLAY focus too much on all the hyped games and forget the other good games that are also coming out. Their definition of hardcore has changed alot from an addicting game with a great storyline to a m-rated and bloody shooter. The reviews have become too predictable nowadays and any game thats m-rated has a good chance of getting a perfect score. I saw a segment on a  episode of X-PLAY about a month ago talking about the top 5 games franchises they wanted to see gone and most of the games on the list consist games for casual and/or kid gamers and I was thinking that games are for everyone even before the Wii came out; didn't they play games when they were kids, I know I did. I read forums about X-PLAY saying the X in X-PLAY means X-BOX, gamers asking if G4TV is owned by Microsoft, gamers saying X-PLAY hates japanese consoles and games, and ect. I don't know if any of that is true or not but I'm not going to watch to find out. I used to defend X-PLAY when people talked bad about it but I guess I was wrong.


I agree with the bias, but fanboyish!! does that mean that you're done with VGchartz as well, this place reeks of fan boys

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