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Kantor said:
DKII said:

Saying "you guys" is clearly incorrect since I never received an email from you.  If you used the "Contact" link to send an email to the admin address, that goes directly to Brett and usually doesn't get looked at if you haven't followed the chain of command.  If you have a problem with a mod, contact naznatips.  If you have a problem with him, contact me.  If you have a problem with me, contact Brett.  If you have a problem with everyone, then you're better off gone anyway.

Where do BengaBenga, TheSource and TalonMan come in on that chain?

All three of them have admin powers, but they are not in charge of forum admin type duties. So technically in terms of if they banned you, you would go to Naznatips first, then DKII. However, the ban very rarely so I can't see you complaining about them.

If you want to see what they are responsible for otherwise, just go to the contacts page (link at very bottom of the page)

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