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I've never had disk scratching issues but I've still had my dealings with Microsoft's customer support and have found them to be very inefficient to say the least. What I can't stand is how they take my information and then each and every time I go to the next tier in customer support, they ask me the same shit as the person before them. My problems are rarely solved in under an hour on the phone due to their repetitive script talk and taking of my information.

It's good to hear that there are those of you who have had good experiences when calling customer support. I also agree with the idea of the bad news being more prevalent and how the good experiences are just forgotten. But still everyone knows about the 360 having problems and Microsoft should have this customer support thing nailed down by now and have it be as pain free as possible. Just from my own experiences, I can't imagine the majority of people are satisfied with Microsoft's customer support.

Microsoft has me (and I imagine many others) by the balls because of their awesome games. It's the only explanation as to why people keep on putting up with all of the bullshit (or potential bullshit) that goes along with ownership.