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of course not i know its pretty shoddy machine but then I also feel that about the sony ps1 and dreamcast and my nintendo DS has dead pixels and there is a crack in one of the hinges but I didnt even notice it till after the 1year warranty expired now im just too lazy to do anything about it..




Whats there to be worried about? installing the SO The last hope game to your 360 HDD shouldnt scratch the game disc and if your 360 red ringed you are covered by 3years free.


I had a few problems with mine during the first year but I got a jun 2006 model. It was serviced twice in the first year .. first time the graphics chip failed and 2nd time the DVD drive crapped out and wouldnt close.. all within the first year.  Both times sent to MS for servicing, and both times the sent the same machine back to me.  After that had no problems.  Now during weekends its played more than 14+ hours on both Sat & Sunday