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Its Craaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy time!

The PS3 has sold 2.6m in Japan over its first THREE Xmas's - so suddenly its going to *triple* this install base in the next 12 months? I think not - that is an absurd average of 100k/week, every week - not a chance in hell.

Same in Europe - its sold 9m to date in 2 years, but will suddenly double this install base in the next 12 months? With 200k/week sales? Nope.

It should hit 100m... by 2100. Yes, I'm pretty confident of that... maybe.


So Cmon crazy - for your prediction to come true, the PS3 will have to do a MINIMUM of 300k/week worldwide for the next 12 months (and a good boost for Xmas) - you willing to take that bet?

I'm thinking 13-15m MAX next year for the PS3. Which is STILL a good result, and takes the PS3 to a respectable 32-35m by start of 2010. 360 be around 40m, Wii around 75m.

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