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I have been a member of VGchartz for about six months, during those six months I became the 'Sony leader'' creator of arguably the greatest thread known to man. During the day im the editor of the Sony forums by night im a journalist. My experience on VGchartz have been nothing but pleasant, I have been fortunate enough to know some great members ranging from Headshot91 to Cougarman. Vgchartz is the place to be when socialising.

I have also had my fair share of altercations with the moderators of VGchartz. During those altercations i've gotten to know the moderators quite well, my ban history is quite long lol. I'm going to pay tribute to my favourite moderators.


When I became a member on the 8th of July MontanaHatchet was the person to give me a welcome message while paying tribute to thriller. Many people on this site admire him and I can understand why, he is the Obama of the internet forums he has the abilty to inspire lol. Also a moderator who is kind enough to give you a warning before he bans you, which was really good because at first I did not know the rules so the warnings were essential. You don't know life until you've visited Vgchartz .


At first me and Twesterm did not see eye to eye lol, because he banned me for a long time and I wasnt happy about it. But as time went on I realised what a cool member he is. He found out about my 2 alt accounts while I was banned I was expecting for the ban to increase but he was kind enough to give me a warning. That is what I call legendary moderation, I've been enjoying reading his rants altough I would prefer to read some Xbox 360 rants, hopefully it will happen in 2009.


Mrstickball has never banned me but I enjoy debating with him. Our debates are usually centered around 'Xbox 360 vs Ps3'. Mrstickball is a dangerous person to debate with he always presents his arguments with accurate research and statistics. But i'm no different myself I would give 2008 to Mrstickball, but looking at the games being released for ps3 in 2009 and the possible price drop, 2009 is shaping to be Megaman2's year.


He is a legendary moderator who has been kind to me in 2008. He is also the creator of the 2nd greatest thread ' Djmeister caught cheating'. A moderator who always gives you a second chance and a sense of homour to rival his legendary moderator skills and to top it off he's Dutch - I love Dutch people.


Who could forget when Naznatips participated in the greatest thread, he showed the Vgchartz comunnity he had a sense of humour. But unfortunately the thread got out of hand spiraling dozens of copy cats. Hopefully one day he will re-open the greatest thread, thank you in advance Mr Naznatips.

Other outstanding moderators are:

  • Onyxmeth
  • Talonman
  • MakingMusic
  • Nordlead

There also some people who I think will one day become great moderators. They have given an outstanding contribution to Vgchartz. They are:

  • Cougarman
  • Squillaim
  • Blackstar
  • Kirby007
  • Kowenecki
  • Skeeuk
  • Pichu-pichu
  • Colonelstubbs
  • CGI-quality
  • SamuelrSmith

The moderators of Vgchartz have peformed a great job in 2008, let's hope this continues in 2009 .

Edit - It's good to be back