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staticneuron said: johnlucas, I do not remember posting the trm fanboy but if I did it wasn't meant as an insult. To me fanboys rank up there with otaku. Excessive and hard to understand...... unless you see their point of view.
No no, don't get me wrong, staticneuron. I was referring to the people at the forum that banned me. That was a just a reference in general to people who take my stance as less than credulous on sight alone. But luckily there were some good folks over there who I enjoyed talking with. Oh & uh I highlighted WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 not 2008. Notice the 2008 version launching everywhere and the 2007 version launching mostly everywhere except PS3 when it would have made a great launch title. Also notice WWE S Vs. R also launches on Wii this time around showcasing for sure that the franchise is no longer wedded to the Sony platform. They're trying to make sure they make the most money. 3rd party's law. John Lucas

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