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johnlucas, I do not remember posting the trm fanboy but if I did it wasn't meant as an insult. To me fanboys rank up there with otaku. Excessive and hard to understand...... unless you see their point of view. Here is why I find your comments on thesmackdown funny http://ps3.ign.com/articles/777/777264p1.html I am going to say that therwill by alot of ports.... until next year. Sooner or later developers "are" going to want to take atvantage of the cell processor and space on the blu ray. There will be a divergance of fanbases. Story driven, single player video game lovers will return to their mecca that is the PS3 (after they save enough to buy one) and western developed PC style games, especially multiplayer will flock to the 360. Sony and nintendo seem to push third party decisions because of the quality and the amount of their first party titles. (MS isn't there yet) To combat them I am pretty sure that most companies (who normally don't make ports as a norm) Are making ports know while the spend R&D making custom engines for every system. Whether it is first party or not. Great games set the bar. Reviewers will question why isn't there more games that looks like Gears for the 360. It seems as if tools of destruction, the getaway, Lair, and heavenly sword might set some bars for the PS3. Dewey's adventure, mario galaxy and metroid are bound to set standards on the Wii. So I personally beleive the amount of multiplatform games are going to go down the more each archetecture is utilized. I still think there are going to be many multiplatform ports than last generation because of similar architecture and the sheer fact that the games look good enough. But I do not think that some companies (especially japanese) like to be outdone by rivals. I firmly believe that you are wrong about MGS4 because the already started work and cystomization...It would make very little sense for them not to release it on the PS3.

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