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That Guy said: i'm a total Nintendo Fanboy, and as much as I'd like to see Sony fall flat on its face, I'd rather have it fight toe-to-toe with Microsoft than to have it get wiped off the face of the earth. I'm not a fan of Microsoft and I don't want it to become #1 in yet another market.
The irony of course is that the *closer* MS/Sony are to each other (and the more they fight it out), the more this benefits Nintendo (in various ways). If Sony died (not going to happen), Nintendo I think would be more nervous about competing solely with MS than just with Sony. Nintendo don't care *that* much about being #1 - in terms of hardware units sold anyway. They will almost certainly be #1 in terms of profit. What they do care about is a flourishing, growing games industry - with solid business models, innovation, lots of profit and successful companies. If you asked Nintendo as to whether they would rather have the industry all to themselves - or have Sony/MS as competitors - Im sure they would say the latter.

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