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That Guy said: i'm a total Nintendo Fanboy, and as much as I'd like to see Sony fall flat on its face, I'd rather have it fight toe-to-toe with Microsoft than to have it get wiped off the face of the earth. I'm not a fan of Microsoft and I don't want it to become #1 in yet another market.
I don't either, That Guy, & this is what I think might be subconsciously fueling the anger of people who think everybody's slamming Sony. They see Sony as the last stop to keep Microsoft from raiding another industry bringing their half-'arsed' (love the British version of that word ) standards and routines to industries they dominate. They got money virtually forever and don't really have to be as good to survive. They just outlast you until you're spent. It reminds me of a classic DBZ fight where one of the protagonists suddenly loses power in the midst of a great battle to become easy fodder for the other. They know Nintendo is a solid company but worry if they can stand up to that Goliath if it ever got stronger. (I believe it will but that's besides the point). Microsoft at its current status is OK but if Microsoft ever became the leader here the game industry is on a timeclock counting down and that's the truth. Just like it's operating systems the industry would eventually crash if they ever took true power. I believe this wholeheartedly. Wanting to reduce generations to 4 years & actually putting PRICIER systems out in the middle of the generation and their lack of true concern for the breadth that the game industry supplies. Their heart is not in this business even more than Sony's isn't. They more than anybody is using their gamesystem as a strategy piece and a money object for ulterior motives. All the other old school game-centric companies except one have folded from the difficult hardware making/software selling business. The giants have raised the bar of entry into this business & the costs to be the boss in gameworld are steep. Developer companies consolidating and merging. Making money off of this business is difficult. Very dificult. MS lost $4 billion on a doggone game system??? Nobody else could survive that. Sony a monolith itself is not as big and doesn't have as long money as MS has. Plus they are at a critical period in their company right now in all their endeavors gaming included. People fear MS will shut Sony out of the gamesbusiness reducing competition to Eastern monopoly (which is already about finished forming) and Western monopoly (which may be gaining ground). And after that no one without a really big bank can break into this industry. 8-bit gamemaking was so comparatively easy and took less people and time. Not so in our high-end graphics centric world. PC Gaming has limits and every one will not become a PC Gamer. The games business primarily survives due to consoles. If this comes under attack, it may be a subconscious fear that videogame playing may be coming to an end. John Lucas

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