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2008 looked as though it would finally be the year of the Sony PS3, as sales looked promising from the start. Now we have reached the final part of 2008 and things have changed, as it looks as though the PlayStation 3 comeback is more of a failure than a success. Sales of the PS3 console are still much lower than the Xbox 360.

Sony PS3 sales were twice as much as last year, and were looking to close the gap on the Xbox 360, but Microsoft introduced a number of price cuts, which was seen as a massive blow to PlayStation 3 sales. Early results from the Christmas shopping season do not look that great for the PS3, while Xbox 360 sales almost doubled of ps3,have seen an increase of 8 percent.  Sales for the PlayStation 3 look to be flat.

Sony was hoping that console and video game sales would help their core electronic business, which has been hit hard by the downturn of the global economy. It seems that Sony’s idea of selling an advanced game machine with the best hardware looks to be backfiring on them, hopefully this will force Sony it to give up on the PS3.