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I like either really short hair, so I can access their neck and ears for easy nibbling, or really really long hair that I can run my fingers through and play with.

Sometimes it has to do with body and face shape, and some women look better with short hair and some better with long hair, so ultimately, it's whatever suits them.

Seppukuties is like LBP Lite, on crack. Play it already!

Currently wrapped up in: Half Life, Portal, and User Created Source Mods
Games I want: (Wii)Mario Kart, Okami, Bully, Conduit,  No More Heroes 2 (GC) Eternal Darkness, Killer7, (PS2) Ico, God of War1&2, Legacy of Kain: SR2&Defiance

My Prediction: Wii will be achieve 48% market share by the end of 2008, and will achieve 50% by the end of june of 09. Prediction Failed.

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