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Shane said: PS2 has 80% of Europe and Japan. Microsoft's got a slight edge on Nintendo in Europe, while despite all the talk of how much Xbox failed in Japan, Gamecube was only twice as successful as it, but at the end of the day, both ultimately ended up with Sony's scraps. Sony looks to have a bit more of a fight on its hands to reclaim Japan, but I'd be surprised if they don't jump over Wii in Europe this year.
1. PS2 has a huge portion of Japan and Europe, not PS3. Big difference. And you say Sony, not PS2, so that's why I also spoke of PSP compared to DS. 2. GCN only twice as successful as XB in Japan? Umm, no, that is completely false. Here are the real numbers: http://www.vgcharts.org/worldcons.php Japan: GCN = 4.02 million, XB 0.53 million So GCN was roughly 8 times as successful as XB in Japan, not twice as successful.

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