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elendar said:
These pro linux people worry me. Kind of reminds of mormons knocking on my door offering salvation. The primary drive behind this seems an unholy religous war agaisnt Microsoft.

 then is mac another unholy faction going against your oh so great master Microsoft?

Do you realize half the problems that Microsoft Windows OS's truly have? How slow Windows actually is?

 Why do you think most server computers run better and more stable running linux over Windows Server edition (idk what year we are up to for editions)?

 Its because its a better system in general.

As for difficulty, its a matter of what version of linux you have; for example; Lindows is easy as hell because its the windows OS ripped apart and distributed freely.  

@Entroper - Partitioning a hard drive isnt THAT hard. Really I could have sworn I saw an option somewhere Microsoft proves to do it somewhere in the XP OS. Forget what file menu though.

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