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Another thing is if you don't own a 360 your not going to play Forza2, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyessy, Mass Effect, Halo 3, Halo Wars... If you don't own a Wii your not going to get Super Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy, Metroid 3, Animal Crossing, Mario & Sonic Olympics, and on and on and on. Every system has solid first party offerings so it's pointless throwing out names. What you want to throw out there is sequals to very big franchises that will generate huge buzz, and perhaps even more important something that will come out soon. Nintendo and Microsoft big guns are coming out this year. Allot of Sonys aren't. Like bringing up the God of War team is silly because they just finished God's of War 2 for the ps2, I don't imagine them having a new title too soon. Secondly when you look at Sony's release list people are definitly more excited about the 3rd party titles then the first party titles. Compare: drake's fortune, Lair, Heveanly Sword, GT vs. MGS4, FF, Monster Hunter Sony really should of had at least one big sequal out for launch.