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Game race this is a rather lame thread cause you probably did not really got the point I wanted to make. I'm not gonna do a big depression over MM not selling well. What is annoying me is more the fact that video game sites just passed over this one like many other games. MM is here mostly as an exemple of how so many games are ovelooked for big blockbusters by the video game medias. They should not descriminate a game because you play as a no name mushroom and that it is not call Prince of Persia. Just compare the number of reviews between MM and other game with equivalent score released in the same period of time.

Of course MM bombed or appears to have bombed because no one cares about. This is purely logical... But at least reviewers should give the same level of attention to this kind of game to any other.

I'm not trying to change the world here. Just saying that not only mainstream games should get all the coverage. And yes some are gonna buy MM over Mario galaxy or just buy both. There is some people who prefer Raging Bull over Rocky and you can't deniy that.