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Hus said: its a fad. what reason is there to get a wii ? wii sports LOL (fad game).... Zelda you can get nearly the same thing on GC. so is it the 3rd party games.. pffff.... then what... Do gamers want FF on wii that looks like a PS2 game... or do they want massive worlds huge graphical improvements great physics on the PS3 ? imagine a FF mmo on PS3 and then one on Wii.... who the hell will want to play the MUCH inferior game ? say what you want but RPGs are driven by graphics, no one wants a ugly rpg.
Japanese could care less about graphics and physics in games... Their fav genres of games don't use neither of those!!! look at brain training for example!!! Other thing: I played PS3 games and in comparison of Wii and X360 just plain sucks!!! Games are flat as surf board and the reasons are only in the controller: without the rumble feature it stepped back 10 years in interaction. From slashing to hitting the pad is just "dead". Plus the two new L2 & R2 are like touching a chewing gum: they don't provide feedback to the users as it's impossible to know how much you are pressing them... Wiimote and X360 pad are miles ahead!! Sony are touching the bottom with this generation, just face it and accept it... They really have to convice me with something really good and new, 'cause as they stand now there are no reason to waste 600 euros on a machine that provide less fun that both of MS's and Nintendo's!

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