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Hus -- you are blind. You are missing the point, there are no japan system sellers for ps3 forecasted in the foreseeable future. However, there are plenty for the Wii. That will only continue to drive sales for the Wii and keep it at at least a 2:1 sales lead over the ps3 for the remainder of the year and will probably grow to similar levels as the DS. People like you kept saying wait for Gundam, wait for this and that. But, as each game came it sold like crap. All the while the Wii fad games keep in the top ten. You mention that RPG games require great graphics, what about FF12 on the PS2 or any DQ game. Hell, the next DQ game is going on DS hardware. That obviously won't be pushing the limits of modern graphics. Why? Sales base. The good games will drift to the best sales base. The next to DQ games on the DS and Wii will do very well, and then the next few DQ games will be on these systems as well. Then there's the other huge RPG, FF. FF13 will be on the PS3. It will help them, but that is what 1.5years away. After the DQ9 and DQSwords comes out they may drop it and move it to the Wii. It hasn't been in development for that long, has it? Basically, the PS3 will never catch Wii in Japan UNLESS it has a phenomenal 2008 in released Japanese oriented games. I don't see that happening as the DS and Wii are dominating Japan and any dev would be stupid to ignore that.