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I really wouldn't count Wii Madden as unimpressive outside of the debut yet. Despite abysmal sales for the first week (beyond abysmal, FYI). It seems that it did suffer from undershipping. It'll take 2-3 weeks to see exactly where M08 on Wii ends up.

Either way, if true, it shows who are buying Wiis, and who aren't. The typical consumer that bought 40 million PS2s in the US either aren't buying Wiis, or they have Wiis and X360s.

Also, this might send a message to the largest 3rd party in the world that they might actually be wrong by saying "we backed the wrong horse". Boogie did very tepidly it's first and second weeks (had a 40% 2nd week drop. Good but far from what's needed for an uber-seller). But again, time will tell.

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