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Diomedes1976 said:
Ok ,now I see it .
One of the more stupid decisions ever .I suppose when they sell 100K of their megaton movies they will reconsider this .
It particularly astounds me the reasons they have given " looking to the manufacturing costs and current price of the format " .My god ,BR movies are already less expensive than HD-DVD ones and as for the players price Sony and the BR camp will be easily capable of reducing their price way faster than Toshiba as they are producing at 4x the rate readers ....

Paramount has just shoot themselves on the foot ,but yes ,this is bad news for Blu Ray .

So you say that selling a raw number of units is more important than the profit they get by selling them? Do you know the terms of the agreement with Toshiba? And if they are getting more money by selling 100k HD-DVD units than 200k BRs?


Yeah, Sony will be able to reduce the price of the players faster because they are selling it along with the PS3 in an attempt to make blind fanboys subsidize the HD formats war. But Toshiba, one the biggest portable computers seller in the world, is only including the possibility of having a built-in HD-DVD unit on their computers. And Microsoft supports HD-DVD too. What would happen if they decided to use HD-DVD only for future Games for Windows? Anyways Microsoft doesn't win anything if HD-DVD wins, they just want the transition to digital distribution to happen as soon as possible...


Disney also shot themselves on the foot when they commited to Blu Ray. Disney films are bought for kids by their parents and parents would surely prefer HD-DVD since they would be cheaper than BR.