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Well.... at this point talking about either Sony or MS having a monopoly on the gaming industry is not very realistic, considering Nintendo is curb stomping them both while smoking rolled up Benjamins.

I like to see MS having some success this generation. They got bloodied pretty badly last round, so they need this one. Don't forget just how much they've sunk into the Xbox investment.

I do not want to see Sony out of it. As all reasonable people know, competition is good for the consumer, and gives us higher quality systems, games, and lower prices while the companies dance for our dollars. We are certainly nowhere near the point of MS having a monopoly yet, just because PS3 is coming up in third place this generation.

Only Nintendo seems to be immune to competition this gen. Offering inferior hardware, crappy games, and poor services while the customer begs for more. THAT is what I don't want to see dominating the industry... At least it seems like MS and Sony are trying pretty damn hard; Nintendo is just printing money. It pains me >.