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As i've stated in prior TLR threads, i'm not totally surprised by the questionable quality of the game because you have to look at which SE Dev team made the game. (same with IU, but that was Tri-Ace) It's not like Kitase or Nomura made this game, this Dev squad was made up mostly of people from SaGa and The Bouncer. I've never played The Bouncer, but SaGa games have generally been decent, if not forgettable. (I did like SaGa Frontier a fair bit though)

Unlimited SaGa was THE worst game I've ever played in my entire life, not joking

Edit: And not exaggerating


TLR had the battle director from FF 12. It was no made up of complete bad developers. It had some very key developers.

Like i said love/hate game


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