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5.0 Presentation
Unfriendly and disjointed, anybody new to the RPG genre will find themselves quickly confused.

5.5 Graphics
Some of the backgrounds look awesome. And sometimes the game moves like a slideshow.

6.5 Sound
A mixed bag of nice orchestral music and sorely limited voice acting.

5.0 Gameplay
Confusing game progression and limited role-playing. The union system has promise but isn't fully fleshed out.

5.5 Lasting Appeal
There is a lot of gameplay here. Most people won't make it through all of it.

Mediocre OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)


Anybody here play it? If so, how is it? 

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.