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Oh, I know what your issue probably is, I'm betting one of two things.

If you're talking about saving it to one of the save slots, then your screen is probably going red becuse you're trying to put upper case letters in your file name. Am I right about that? When you hold the shift button, the game still registers it, and as a result, they'll be killing themselves off multiple times, which can cause the game to have trouble keeping up

alternately, if you're just trying to select the text in the text box, you may be holding down shift instead of the ctrl button to do the "select all" and "copy" functions. I'll check it out.


Okay, first off, lets get your text fixed, no one is going to be abel to play it as you have it here. What you want to do is run it together as one long text string, and then put spaces NOT "end lines" (the enter button) in order to keep the text from going off the screen. I'll put up the playable version of your string here: (I also renamed your level to "Level 1" and gave your name in teh author's box. I'm also turning your par score down to 2.



All in all, a very decent level, but one tiny flaw: In order to get to any of the red keys, I had to jump through the water to land on the red door, and then jump back through the water onto the turf and then jump over to the key, but if you jump ontop of the door, there's no need to jump back to get the keys, you can just jump down and grab the acorn. this issue can be fixed VERY easily, simply by adding some terrain, spikes, or lava in the way to keep you from jumping down into the area where the acorn is.


I also checked out your second level. and fixed it for display purposes. Again, remember that you can insert spaces into your code and it usually won't break anything, but an "end line" will break your code almost all the time.


It was far more complicated, but also ended up seeming like the entire level was a red herring. I just jumped my way up the far right hand door and jumped a little around the water to grab the acorn. I had orginally thought I was supposed to do somethign with the swinging boulder and thekey, but that just turned up nothing. If you were actually trying for that effect though, it worked brilliantly.

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