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trestres said:
Buy it, definitely.

Why should I buy Wario Land :P

There's no way that game even gets close to all the 2D greatness found in the SNES era. On the other hand this game got me interested since they announced it IN THE US at E3 06.

Too bad Reggie changed his mind, he dislikes games that aren't casual I think. That's why I fear the worst for S&P2 and Punch Out.


 Not releasing either of these 2 in America would be one of the dumbest decisions Nintendo could ever make. If the aren't going to localize any games, what in the world would they be selling? I know people love Wii SPorts, but you can only enjoy simplistic gaming for so long before you require some type of challenge.

For Pete's sake, (Mike Tyson's) Punchout was in Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. There is a cult following for Punchout and it needs to be addressed here, in America, where gamers exist.

Sometimes I wonder what the people in charge are thinking.......

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