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Kyros said:
You find those movies/shows/games to be crap, but other people don't.

If you don't like reviews don't read them. Indiana Jones 4 simply sucked. Every review said it. Most people who watched it (who saw the original 3) said the same.

Money made != quality

And even if some dipshit really likes the music of Ashley Simpson, that doesn't make it better.

Of course there is subjective taste. A train simulator may be the best thing ever for some guys while most people fall asleep about it. But even there you can find good train simulators and shitty train simulators. Indy4 is a shitty Indiana Jones movie. Ashley Simpson makes shitty popmusic and Animal Crossing seems to be the Gamecube version warmed over. People buying it doesn't make this any better.


So much truth in this post :o