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Kyros said:
one of the biggest Wii game launch in Japan, and the game gets 7.5??

Sigh good sales and good quality have nothing to do with each other. Especially for first-day sales they are completely irrelevant.

Spiderman3 and Indiana Jones 4 have been watched by millions and millions of people. That doesn't make them good movies.

They are still simply shitty movies with big names.

The same applies for music (American Idol anyone) and games (Carnival games multi-million seller)

Get over it.

You are so incredibly narrow-sighted. Seriously.

You find those movies/shows/games to be crap, but other people don't.

Now, I don't agree with Leni (far from it), but I think your claims are just as bad.

Some people love Carnival games (I've played it myself - it's a blast. I liked it better than No More Heroes).


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS