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Leni said:
stof said:
Leni said:
once more IGN is the laughing stock!!

a game that (according to IGN) has been re-released and rated 7.0 selling almost 0.2 million in 1st day in Japan alone!!

the game is AWESOME and A LOT of new things!!
that need time to unlock....

I don't see how the game selling well (which I don't think IGN ever stated that it wouldn't) make them a laughing stock?

one of the biggest Wii game launch in Japan, and the game gets 7.5?? come on.....

originally said by IGN:

Clearly aimed at either gamers new to the series or ones with incredibly short memory spans


how stupid they are, they've played just the begin......

they seem stupid because they give a relatively bad review for such a great and successful game!


the online is amazing, a LOT of new items and the new city part has A LOT of new things to do!

but there's no credit for that

i played all Animal Crossing versions, and they are all average compared to the Wii version!

(in terms or graphics, online, things to do, everything)


I know you mean well with all the bullshit you post. I think that's what makes it so irritating.