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DMeisterJ said:
*~Onna76~* said:
Erm don't reviewers nor gamers even consider for just "1" minute that there are like millions of WII owners out there who've NEVER EVER played an Animal Crossing game before.... hmmm?? No I guess not.

How come no one cries when Madden gets a low score every year for not changing?

Aren't there more and more PS360s being sold every year, and by that token, more people that haven't played Madden?

The game is more of the same, and is reviewed as such.


Dude what are u talking about?  Madden always gets in the 80s doesn't matter how long it's been out.  In fact i just checked it's rating on ps3 & it's increased every single time.  Also, Madden has been around for way longer than animal crossing.


Pls get ur facts straight before u comment.