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Assume this game is real since it has been picked up by...kotaku, neogaf, a Sweedish magazine, neogaf, ign, gamespot and Sega demanded that the picture from the Sweedish magazine be taken down. OMN also claims it is not an April Fool's Joke. Additionally, the Sweedish magazine is free...so there is no gain in tricking people into buying the magazine. Therefore, it looks like Nights 2 is real, and for Wii. On the Sega Saturn, a system that never sold more than 6 million in Japan, Nights sold to nearly 500,000 gamers. I believe in the Americas it sold around 250,000...no idea for Europe/others. However, if the game is well made, I think these are good preliminary estimates. My estimations... 1) Nights 2 is an amazing, revolutionary game. Japan - 1 million, Americas - 500,000, Others - 300,000 2) Nights 2 is a great game, a faithful, modern and improved sequel. Japan - 750,000, Americas - 350,000, Others - 200,000 3) Nights 2 is decent/good, but mainly sells to Sega/hardcore gamers Japan - 500,000, Americas - 200,000, Others - 100,000 4) Night 2 is a poor sequel... Japan 120,000, Americas 50,000, Others - 30,000. Any thoughts?

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