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Call of Duty World at War

I did some research today, and it seems Call of Duty World at War on the Wii flopped gigantically.

The amount of accounts online are just short of 18.000 worldwide. Considering some people might have bought it on sunday and early monday, let's say there are 17.000 people who bought the game first week and created an online account.

Now it's a little guestimating, but I think over half of the people who bought it didn't try online yet. Most people will after completing some missions, and some don't have their Wii's connected at all.

I'm pretty confident the worldwide sales of the game for the first week are in the 40k - 60k interval.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

After some more research, there seems to be about 140.000 user accounts in PAL alone for this game. Considering Australia and some other regions don't even have online, I'm pretty sure the game sold between 230k - 270k in PAL. This brings the total sales number to 470k - 510k, so it should break 500k at least this year.

I'm pretty sad World at War flopped, I expected 200k at least. However, seeing how well Medal of Honor did, Call of Duty can still reach 600k, but a million is practically unreachable at this point.