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arsenal009 said:
hanafuda said:
pichu_pichu said:
I don't like the last paragraph, that's like saying -

"do you want to collect all the stars you have collected in the last Mario karts"


"shoot the same enemy as the previous game" if it was a shooter game

why change something that's not broken and fun?


Or, Why buy the same game twice?

Because it's fun...


I'm w pichu on this.  Nobody complains when pes, madden, nhl or any other sports games feels exactly the same.  Why are they complaining about this?  Besides they added a lot more to the game.  Sports games update the rosters & add a few changes, not nearly as many as animal crossing, yet they still get rated very high, why?  Because they're FUN, and that's all that ever mattered.



absolutely true!!!


also, Animal Crossing is never the same game, it's new with every new game!!

the city is different when you start a new game, also the character and the animals in the city!!

even the items, the game is great!!   :  )

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