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Godot said:
axumblade said:
Series like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon will always get abused by some critics. This is one of those games that you should rely more on fan reactions. Now if PichuPichu comes online and says the game sucks, then you might want to worry.

Harvest Moon is a series that evolves with each new games. This one doesn't seem to evolve much. It really is a cheap cash-in. That game probably has a bugdet of 2-3 mil $. One thing that could make AC better is to add more locations for the village or give you the ability to build your furniture like in MySims.

Anyway, I never got into the DS version. I prefer Harvest Moon and Viva Pinata.

Except that I wasn't saying they were anything like each other except in the fact that the fans of the series are better trusted than critics in these cases. But good job at completely distorting what I was saying. X_x