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Dogs Rule said:
I always wondered why the ending credits of Inconvenient truth (where they give tips to reduce GHE and increase efficiency) why they didn't mention anything about vegetarianism.

Off topic, When you buy leather goods, (shoes, belts, cars, strap-on harnests) are they from the same cows that serve as food or are we wasting their meat because leather cows aren't tasty and tasty cows make bad leather?
I'm trying to get away from leather, but even the Smart car I'm looking into has a leather sterring wheel.

Cause Al Gore eats meat... and doesn't want to be seen as anything but the ultimate ecological warrior.  (Of course he also wastes way more electricity then most people... but he buys carbon credits!  From himself....)

Leather mostly comes from butchered cows, old milk cows... and veal cows... which is the most valuable of leather.

Though i think it's more a case of not wanting to waste.

I think probably there are leather cows grown on the cheap for leather production, who's meat is sold.

Leather production produces a lot of pollution though i think.