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I believe global warming is both real and man made.... and yet I cannot pull myself away from meat.

I don't eat meat excessively. On the rare occasion I eat a steak, it's likely to be a reasonably sized 6-8 oz cut. I don't gulp down entire platters of chicken tenders, just stick to a few.

But just because I'm not willing to participate to an extreme in ALL solutions to global warming does NOT make me a hypocrite :P

- I have cut down my energy useage signifcantly, on the order of 30% or more reduction in my electricity use each month

- I work a job now that allows me to telecommute every day - meaning I fill up my gas tank every 6 weeks now

- I encourage others to find ways to cut their electricity use - often getting them started by giving them a CCFL to replace a standard bulb in their home. It's amazing the kind of chain reaction simply giving someone one of these bulbs can start

- I make an effort to purchase products that are certified for certain level of energy efficiency, or renewable manufacturing techniques

- I eat fewer beans and more meat, which gives me less gas and thus less contribution to methane emissions :P Ok, that one's a joke, but I DO have less gas when I eat meat instead of beans.