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Sites consistently rate Wii games lower because most aren't very good at this point. That's not a "bias", that is flat-out reality. TP was a wonderful game and Super Paper Mario was also great. Other than that, what "great" games has the Wii seen? Red Steel? Mario Party 8? Godfather? The list goes on...

I'm not bashing the Wii, I think it's a great system. But for the same reason that I walk away from my recent PS3 purchase with a "meh" feeling, it hasn't delivered great games. It doesn't mean that great games aren't coming and that ultimately the system won't be a jewel of gaming, it just means that right now, it hasn't really delivered on its promises. And frankly, I'm tired of hearing Nintendo fans defend this position. Those of us who bought an N64 felt this same thing for months after release. The same happened for the GC.

In short, the great games will come. Stop talking about how "your" system was shafted in the ratings or how you feel cheated because it doesn't get as much press love as it should. The press is generally unbiased and plays all games and if anything, the recent Wii success would give them better ratings, not worse. Blame the developers for putting out shit games, not the press.

Agreed. When Excite Truck is considered one of the best games on a console, you can infer some things about the rest of the selection...

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